Therapy classes at Yoga Mandir

Picture of Alan Goode
Alan Goode

Yoga therapy has its roots in the mind-body question. With a focus on alignment, energy and re-establishing balance. It’s a system of integration.

Run by our senior Teacher Alan Goode with almost 50 years of yoga practice, these classes are for those with significant injuries and health concerns as well as anyone wishing to address imbalances in the body or rehabilitation post injury or surgery. Therapy class is a pathway to return to full health and attendance in our ongoing classes.

Adjustments are made to practice and modifications to the asanas so that home practice and class attendance are possible. Returning weekly delivers student feedback and a systematic approach.

Attendance is in a block of 5 weeks and in most instances requires a one-on-one private assessment prior to participation.

Tuesday 4.00-5.15pm Cost: $280 (5 sessions). Email the office for details

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