Yoga for all

Yoga requires the development of a practice. This is the most challenging aspect of Yoga. B.K.S. Iyengar says,

“the great advantage of Yoga is that it can be practised by anyone, irrespective of age, sex and physical condition".

Whilst anyone can practice Yoga, learning how to practice and how to sustain and develop a practice, is where guidance and support is essential.

Yoga Mandir is an Institute focussed on supporting people to become Yoga practitioners. The Institute is geared around Practitioner programs. These programs systematically guide people though a syllabus of asana, pranayama and Yoga philosophy and provide a range of practice environments to students at different stages of development.

Speciality programs ensure people with specific conditions learn how to modify their practice so they can safely integrate into the Practitioner programs.

For students new to Yoga there is an entry level program called Introduction to Iyengar Yoga Methodology. This entry level program is conducted in two formats - a week long intensive before the commencement of each new term or a 10 week term course. 

The Institute also makes provision for those in our community who travel regularly or for other reasons are unable to attend consistently. For these students we offer an Open program which allows one off class attendance. This program of classes is also recommended for people who wish to enter the Institute mid term when course enrolments have closed. The Open program is also conducted during term breaks when courses are not running.